About Me

Documenting connection and moments over perfection is why I LOVE what I do.

Photographing and preserving your life moments – big and small – is what I do. To me, it’s much more than that. Creating a seamless booking process and ensure you receive a relaxing and stress-free experience is top priority. Every session and client experience is unique and are customized to you.

Clients trusting me to capture their memories means the world to me. Building a relationship with each of my clients is a big part of my why. Here are some ‘fun facts’ about me!

  • I‘m a wife and a mama to two amazing kids. I’m grateful for these three everyday. They support me and are always my cheerleaders.
  • Our dog Milo is spoiled with love, kisses and of course treats. I talk for him in what I think his voice would be. Yep…..let’s just leave that there.
  • I love coffee and coffee houses.  If I could use a coffee house as my office life would be just that much more perfect.  Especially in the fall when Pumpkin Spice lattes make their arrival!
  • I’m 100% pure home body and not afraid to admit it!
  • I love cupcakes and all things cake.  If there are cupcakes at your wedding I will generally steal 2 before I leave – one for me and one for my daughter.  It’s tradition I bring her one home!
  • Friends is my all time favorite TV show. I’ve probably watched each episode too many times to count. It doesn’t get old. Ever.
  • While I’m photographing weddings I cry at least once during the day.  I never know when but it happens!
  • I have a small obsession with baby feet – newborns, babies – let me squeeze their feet!
  • I love to dance.  My parents were amazing dancers so it’s in my blood!  You may find me wanting to breakout on the dance floor at weddings.
  • I’m a born and raised Saskatchewan girl. We did move to Calgary for 14 years but came back in 2012!


Images captured by PH Photographs