About Me

Top 10 things about me!

  1. My passion is photography.  Always has, always will be.
  2. I love coffee and coffee houses.  If I could use a coffee house as my office life would be just that much more perfect.  Especially in the fall when Pumpkin Spice lattes make their arrival!
  3. I love cupcakes.  If there are cupcakes at your wedding I will generally steal 2 before I leave – one for me and one for my daughter.  It’s tradition I bring her one home!
  4. Friends is my all time favorite TV show.  I’ve probably watched each episode 20 times.  It doesn’t get old.
  5. My husband and 2 kids are my life.  They support me and are always my cheerleaders.
  6. While I’m photographing weddings I cry at least once during the day.  I never know when but it happens!
  7. I have a small obsession with baby feet – newborns, babies – let me squeeze their feet!
  8. I love to dance.  My parents were amazing dancers so it’s in my blood!  You may find me wanting to breakout on the dance floor at weddings.
  9. I talk for my dog in what I think his voice would be.  Yep…let’s just leave that there.
  10. After getting married my husband and I moved from Regina to Calgary and had both of our kids there.  After 14 years we decided Saskatchewan was where we wanted to be!

Images captured by PH Photographs