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Ashley + Chris

Ashley + Chris – Country Chic Summer Wedding

Ashley, Chris and their three kids – Tessa, Stetsyn and Wyatt came out to my place to talk wedding details. While their kids sipped on lemonade and ate cookies I listened to Ashley & Chris light up about their day. Chris said what ever Ashley dreamed of for their day he wanted to give her. Both of them were so laid back and I could quickly tell that this was an event for the five of them. Once we chatted for a while, off we went to the park for their engagement session. Ashley most definitely wanted this session to be family focused but yes we did sneak in a few of just the two of them. I recall the very last sequence of photos I took of Ashley & Chris, Wyatt was wanting his daddy and crying. They’re telling me it’s ok – keep going, he’s ok. So I’m yelling “kiss!”, “look at each other!” all while Wyatt is following us and holding his arms up for his daddy. Chris quickly scooped him up and all was good again. I have to say Ashley & Chris’ kids are amazing and I had so much fun capturing their family during this session and on the day of their wedding. Now….on to the wedding day!

According to my weather app it wasn’t supposed to rain when it did. As we’re driving down the dirt road to Ashley & Chris’ for the getting ready portion of the day, dark clouds cover us. As soon as we pull up it starts to pour. Like really pour. Good thing we have a whole back seat full of umbrellas! Then the thunder and lighting rumbled and shook the house. But when I see Ashley she greets me with a big smile and gives me a hug.

When we arrived at the church and entered I was in complete awe. I could hear the violins and piano playing upstairs, the romantic lighting from the chandelier and all their family and friends snuggled into the church waiting to see these two exchange vows. It was nothing but a romantic, country feel with a lot of love. Once they were announced husband and wife the fiddles started, their guests were clapping in tune to the fiddles as they made their way down the isle. I was so swept up in this moment and thankful I actually had the opportunity to be a part of this. 

The reception decor was everything a country, shabby, chic wedding would be – antique plates, burlap lined with lace as table runners, candles, flowers, rustic centerpieces and a reception tent filled with family and friends ready to celebrate. After dinner and speeches, the bride’s brother and sister blew up the dance floor playing their fiddles – everyone was dancing. And the whole icing on the wedding cake was when the live band came out. I’m pretty sure this party went on until the wee hours of the morning. A text from Ashley at 4 AM definitely confirmed that! I missed a great party to go home and rest my feet but I was so happy their wedding was everything they wanted.

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