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Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Album Images

You’ve received your gallery and you’re tasked to choose which images go into your wedding album and you’re completely overwhelmed. If you love all of your images and just can’t choose I will take that as a compliment! Ha! But seriously, it can be pretty daunting to choose images from your whole day to create in one wedding album. The significance of your wedding album is substantial. This not only holds the story of your wedding day but will also become a part of your legacy. These album pages will be flipped through by many family and friends year after year. I guarantee, your wedding day memories will flood back just by opening this album. My hope is these tips for selecting your wedding album images ditches the overwhelm and you can enjoy this process!

wedding album - selecting your wedding album images
wedding album and swatches - selecting your wedding album images

Here are my top tips for choosing your wedding album images!

The Details

These are your special items you chose for a reason and will set the stage for the story of how your wedding day unfolded.  This also sets the style of your day and is perfect to include in your album.

wedding ring
wedding ring and wedding gown
Flower bouquet and wedding ring
Grooms shoes, watch, tie and cologne

Getting Ready

It’s always a nice way to remember where each of you prepared for your day – at your home, your parents place or a hotel.  Be sure to include the special people in your life that were there to help you get ready.

Bride getting dressed
Bride's first look with bridal party
Groom getting dressed
Groom and groomsmen playing pool

First Look

If you had a first look choose the images that show the emotion.  For example, when your partner sees you for the first time and what their reaction was.

First look on a dock at Kenosee Lake
First look on a dock at Kenosee Lake

Wedding Couple Portraits

Pick all of your faves of the two of you – this is the easy part!

Bride and groom on a rooftop over looking the city of Regina
Bride and groom kissing

Wedding Party

You chose your wedding party for a very good reason!  These are likely your close circle of friends and family.  Be sure to include a few of your favorites.

Bride and groom with wedding party
Bride and groom with wedding party
Wedding party

Family Portraits

It’s not possible to include every family photo but choose ones with your immediate family in them.  These are some of the images you will continually look back on through the years.

Family portraits with bride and groom at the Atlas Hotel
Family portraits with bride and groom at the Atlas Hotel


Select images that are the highlights of your ceremony.  I suggest bride or groom walking down the isle, the two of you at the altar, vow and/or ring exchanges, any special traditions, the kiss and the recessional.

Mom walking daughter down the isle at the Atlas Hotel
Bride and groom exchanging vows at the Atlas Hotel
Bride and groom first kiss at the Atlas Hotel


Choose your favorite detail images like the cake, table centerpieces and head table details.  Include your favorite first dance images and any other special moments that stand out for you.

Reception table with candles and table numbers at the Atlas Hotel
Reception head table with chandelier and seating chart
Bride and groom's first dance

Select Your Photographer Favorites

Check out the photographer favorites folder in your gallery.  This may help in some of your selections and is a great place to start as it includes the highlights of your day.

Wedding couple black and white portrait
Bride and groom on a rooftop in Regina, SK
Wedding couple portrait in a park at TC Douglas
Wedding couple portrait in a park at TC Douglas

Have Fun!

Grab some wine, order in, snuggle up and enjoy an evening choosing your wedding album images!

Groom portraits black and white
Bridal portraits with rose bouquet
Black and white wedding couple portrait on a rooftop

One last tip – select all of your favorite images and if needed take another pass over your favorites to narrow them down even more. Also keep in mind, additional pages can be added to your wedding album – ask me for more details!

A quick recap….

  1. Choose images from each element of your day – the details, getting ready, ceremony, your first look, portraits and reception.  Be sure to include the details you so carefully chose.
  2. Be sure your portraits include family and your wedding party – your closest loved ones and the friends or family that you chose to stand by you on this day.
  3. Which images stand out to you the most?  What expressions do you love?  What photos show the emotions and excitement felt the most on this day? 
  4. Choose all of your favorites and then narrow down from there.
  5. Have fun!  Make this a fun date night – order in food, add wine and voila – a date night in!

My biggest hope is that this blog post can take away the overwhelm and provide tips for selecting your wedding album images. Now grab a glass of wine and start the process of putting your wedding day story into your album!

Click here to check out my Pinterest page for some wedding inspo! Ready to chat about working together for your wedding day? Click here for my contact page. I’d love to chat!

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