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Celebrating Your Baby’s First Year Milestone With a Cake Smash

What I know from experience is the first year of your baby’s life flies by. So many milestones happen in the first year – smiling, giggling, crawling and possibly walking. As your little one reaches their first-year milestone, it’s the perfect time to celebrate, document their growth, and capture their unique personality. Celebrating your baby’s first year milestone cake smash session is a fun and memorable experience for both your little one and you.

Baby checking out cake for cake smash

Celebrating the First Year Milestone

The first year of a baby’s life is filled with so many milestones. A cake smash session themed to their little personality is a special way to mark this first year and the beginning of many more milestones to come.

Documenting How Quickly They Grow!

Let’s face it – babies grow so quickly! Capturing these changes is a priceless opportunity. A cake smash session allows you to document your baby’s growth with a portrait session and images you will cherish forever. The photos serve as a time capsule, showcasing the journey from a tiny newborn to an adventurous one-year-old.

Capturing Their Little (and Big) Personality

Babies all have their unique personalities. What they like or don’t like. Are they shy and reserved or a little social bunny? What makes them smile? A milestone or cake smash session is the perfect way to capture their individual quirks, expressions, and reactions. From the excitement of smashing the cake to the curiosity in their eyes, these photos will showcase the little things that make them who they are.

Themed Celebration

Each cake smash set up is themed and customized to what represents your little one. A favorite color, character or a specific theme – these set ups will be customized adding a personal touch to your session.  

Before the Smashing Begins

Before we dive into that cake, your little one will be captured in what I call “non-smash set ups”. Bring that special little outfit you’ve been dying to have them photographed in or choose from the studio’s client closet. The studio offers a variety of handpicked outfits curated to match the chosen color palette for the session.

Stress-Free Experience

Choosing a boutique-styled studio for the cake smash session ensures a stress-free and enjoyable experience. All wardrobe and props are provided, eliminating the need for parents to worry about additional items. The studio cake smash session is equipped with birthday decor and sessions are scheduled around your baby’s happy time to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience.

Bubble Bath Finale

We finish off by sending you home with a clean baby after all that sticky cake smashing! The cake smash session concludes with bubble bath, all captured on camera. There’s a definite splash zone! Watching their little inquisitive hands play with the bubbles is just the sweetest.

A cake smash session is not just a photoshoot; it’s a celebration of this first year. From capturing growth to preserving precious memories, this unique experience offers a great way to wrap up this special milestone. 

I’d love to hear your ideas and vision for your baby’s first year milestone cake smash session! Click here to check out my Signature gallery of Milestone & Cake Smash Sessions.

Grow With Me Sessions are a great way to bundle your sessions and save. If you’re looking for the all-inclusive option that takes the stress off you to enjoy that little one, the LCJ Experience might be just what you’re looking for. Check out the LCJ Experience and Grow With Me options here.

Let the cake smashing, laughter, and joy begin!

Baby portraits on a bed
Baby portraits in a highchair and a bonnet
Baby smashing cake
Baby smashing and eating cake
Baby smashing cake
Baby smashing cake
Baby bubble bath

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